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Homelands uses the same basic 3d10 dice mechanic and sphere system for stats as our previous games. Everything else, however, has been freshly designed from scratch to let the player make their character exactly as they want them.

Aside from spellcasting, there are no abilities which aren't available to any character in the game, and these abilities have been developed and formulated so as to make the game FUN first and foremost. This is our design philosophy:

You, as a player, ought to be able to find plenty of abilities to which you say "That's PERFECT for my character".

This means you won't find abilities made useless by being a particular class, you won't find abilities which, although powerful, would never actually be done by anybody in the game world, and so on and so forth.

The system is simple and very easy to pick up, without compromising the freedom to do anything you want. Everything from social interaction to combat to spellcasting is done using Techniques, which specialise into Masteries - these all apply to your character in the same way so there's no confusion. They're interchangeable in terms of character advancement mechanics, so you can have any combination of abilities to suit exactly the person YOU want to play, not the person we want you to play. Even classes are more of a starting point than a path you have to follow for the rest of the game, representing simply which areas you're more or less naturally talented in.

Combat is, at its heart, a simple single-roll affair, with damage based on how much you beat their defence by and what weapon you're using. Within that basic mechanic, though, there are many ways to mix up the fight. There are many special attacks, advanced combat skills and the like which make your fight truly dynamic and not simply two opponents taking turns to wail on each other. All our combat Techniques have been selected for inclusion using our development team's sophisticated "that's SO COOL people have to be able to do that in the game" mechanic.

Homelands uses a modified version of the antagonist creation system from StarStorm, allowing you to very quickly and easily generate enemies from a cranky cub scout right up to a full military unit supported by attack animals. In addition, the system lets you automatically scale encounters to your party's level, as well as deciding whether it ought to be an easy, medium or hard encounter for that level.

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